A currency-converting, numismatically obsessed bot for Slack.

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Numi is your handy currency conversion bot.

Usage Instructions

You can ask Numi:

"@Numi convert 50GBP to USD" or
"@Numi rates for EUR to USD"

and Numi will get right back with the answer using up-to-date rates.

Numi also has a /convert command - for those thus inclined. So you can do:

/convert 50GBP to EUR

Getting Help

Simply type @numi help in Slack for usage instructions

Numi is still learning!

Numi is a strong believer in release early and iterate - so we are keeping it simple but will be getting fancier as we go along.

Numi handles the 10 most popular currencies - USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUS, CNY, CHF, SGD and HKD.

For extra giggles you can also do "@numi convert 50greenbags to to quid". Numi is learning more slang cash terms as it goes along.

Numi is free!

That's right. Numi is obsessed with numismatic information but shares selflessly.

Numi misbehaving?

Numi has been known to be a bit of a naughty little bot - get in touch

if you have any questions!

More coming!

Of course this is just the start. Numi is learning all sorts of interesting things about currency conversion and numismatics. Add him to your team now and enjoy!

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